Monday, December 1, 2008

two and a half weeks to go

until Christmas break!
...but it's kinda nice being back at school. : )
i'm really blessed -- i love being at home & i love being at school.
sometimes i wish i could morph the two "worlds" into one.
when i first left for college, i wanted to take the people from my hometown to school with me;
now it's more of i want my school friends to come with me when i'm home.
i don't know if that makes sense, but that's how it feels sometimes.


so my dad got a facebook.


i kinda wanted to go to the Christmas lighting ceremony-thingy on campus tonight, but my roomies were either busy or didn't feel up to it tonight. and i'm skipping small group. although i should be studying or at least unpacking the rest of my stuff from thanksgiving break.


so there's a Christmas banquet at school in a couple weekends, but i'm not going. haha. however, i might be going to Chicago with some friends! we will still get all dressed up & i think we might be going to like...a jazz club or something? but yeah, it sounds like fun! i was looking at dresses when i was thinking about going to Banquet, and this is the one that i reeeeally like (but am not getting..hah):

isn't it pretty? it's only $60, too! haha. oh well.


i'm kind of on a picture frenzy at the moment, so...
i'm saving my money up for this little guy:

it's a Nikon D40...about $500, which is actually pretty cheap for a sweet camera. and if i keep saving (and hopefully get money for Christmas & stuff), HOPEFULLY i'll be able to get it by this summer. :) i'm excited!

so i'm asking for money for Christmas, which is kind of a boring gift - but it'll pay off. no pun intended?
howeverrrr, i told my parents that, instead of $$, i would reallyreallyreally like the complete series of Gilmore Girls (all 7 seasons!). because i love ittttttt.

but if they can't manage that, i'll just take...

haha :)

i know this is only a TV show, but i am starting to like logan even more than jess. i've never been much of a dean fan except at the very beginning. jess has always been my favorite of rory's boyfriends, but now i'm leaning towards logan.

anyway. back to reality.

this was basically just to waste some time/avoid homework & unpacking.
but today was pretty good. it was snowing, which i like. :) and i wore my new boots. aaaaand i was actually pretty friendly and confident today, which was an awesome feeling. i need some more of that.

okay. i'm off like a dirty shirt.


Kathryn Siscoe said...

wow, erin, your closing there is a little risque for you... and since when did you turn 20? oh my goodness, i'm becoming so disconnected. aaaaaand, since when are you saving for the D40?? woot! :) i'm so proud of you! it took me 3 years to save for my D80, but it's totally been worth it. much love! <3

erin. said...

hey kate :),

my closing is actually a quote from Pretty in Pink. i thought it was funny. :) and, yep, i turned 20 last month. it was a good birthday. aaaand!, yes, i am saving for the d40. i'm very excited about it! i figured that's the best one for me.

can't wait to see you in less than a month! :)