Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living and active.

today i was printing some stuff out from my parent's computer, and my dad's Bible was sitting there. so i picked it up and decided to look through it a bit. (his is KJV, which i am not extremely familiar with as i typically use NIV.) so, i opened to where the bookmark was keeping place - which was Ephesians - and i got a slight chill when i saw the way he had marked it all up and wrote notes in the margins. my goodness, i thought, this looks just like my Bible! i hadn't really gone through dad's Bible before, but it was super cool to see how similar we are as we study the Word. this simple thing was such a blessing today. my heart has been heavy all break, but this was something i needed to see.

(here are pictures of dad's & my Bible respectively; mine is in Ecclesiastes.)