Saturday, May 23, 2009

one month later...

school year is over; summer has begun.
i am employed, taking a class next month (twice a week in the mornings), leading a small group, and taking trips to south carolina (bridesmaid'ing it up) and minnesota (music fest)! ...all Lord willing. :)

what a great summer.

i also got my nikon d40 this week! quite exciting. i'm learning and playing.

finishing up some laundry, then off to bed soon. so tired.

heading to the bourb tomorrow to hang out with some friends, then going to chicago for the day monday. great opportunities to have some fun with my new camera. :)

here are some pics from my baby. ha.

annie got her associates degree this weekend. :)

me looking nasty while painting my sister's new house. :)


Lord, keep teaching and guiding me. continue to provide evidence of Your faithfulness, grace, love, and truth. forgive me for my doubts; soften my heart. teach me to love and serve as You do. may You always be first in my heart and life. let Your love be strong.