Sunday, July 13, 2008


Chicago is such a beautiful, diverse, exciting city. I spent Saturday there with a couple of friends and walked all over its long and busy streets.

There were times during the day that I would just look around at the huge buildings towering over me and all the people walking, biking, roller-blading, driving, sitting, laying...

It made me realize how small I am. I know we hear all the time how small the world is with all of the technological advances we now have. And, sure, that's true. You can contact anyone as long as you both have e-mail. But I really felt small. And humble. And thankful that Jesus loves me. And amazed that He knows and loves each individual that I passed along the street.

What about me? Do I love them all? Do I make an effort to get to know them? Do I love Him and worship Him each day with my whole self? Not just with my actions. Not just with my words. Not just with my thoughts. With all of the above -- my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Well, I want to love Him with all of me. I want to love others and give, give, give. He has blessed me beyond my worth. And I want to overflow with thanksgiving and imitate His walk. I want to give His love and compassion to others - and always abide in Him and getting re-charged by His faithful grace.

Just some thoughts as I head off to bed after a long, fun weekend. :)